Friday, June 10, 2016

Sibulan Preparing for the Festival

June 13th the feast day of St Anthony of Padua is almost here and Sibulan is getting ready for the celebration of the town's patron saint.

As mentioned before, the bridge between Brgy. Cangmating and Brgy. Poblacion is nearly complete, and farmers have been setting upon the roads into town in order to sell pigs destined to become the lechon baboy so popular on special occasions.

Tents have been set up in the Poblacion area for vendors to sell to the large crowds who will gather there Monday. Typically, vendors gather in Poblacion on the 13th of the month for a makeshift flea market of sorts and it should be even bigger this coming 13th. These photos show only the beginning; many more vendors will arrive between now and then.

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