Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mike Tyson's Time Traveling Fan

In Oct. 2010, in a post entitled Time Traveler with Big Feet I posted a Youtube video - Chaplins Time Traveler - which contains film footage taken outside the 1928 premier of Charlie Chaplin's silent film, The Circus which, some believe, shows an old woman walking in front of a camera talking into a mobile phone; evidence, they say, of time travel.

I have no idea what the woman is actually doing but I do not believe she is a time traveler. Just because I can't explain this odd film, it does not follow that we are witness to someone going back in time.

Now, we have another video, posted to uniquefacts.net which reportedly shows a person attending the 1995 Peter McNeeley and Mike Tyson heavyweight championship fight, recording the fight on a smart phone. Smart phones, of course, did not exist in 1995. More evidence, some are saying, of time travel.

In the comment section of the uniquefacts.net article, someone points out that the device in question is most likely a Casio QV-10 which was on the market in 1995. Some argue that a Casio QV-10 would not be held at the angle this device is being held. The resulting video would be sideways when viewed. I've know lots of folks who have held cameras and phones at the wrong angle - without any logical explanation. I would come closer to believing that the person using the Casio was using the camera improperly. Afterall, it was just brought onto the market and the person using the camera may not have been absolutely sure how to use it.

That's easier to believe than the time travel scenario.

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