Friday, June 10, 2016

The Penultimate Bridge Update

When I wrote on June 1st the bridge project would be finished before the June 13 festival for St. Anthony of Padua, I actually believed that the work would be completed before then.

Except for a few cosmetic touch ups, the bridge is essentially finished. As can be seen in these photos, there have been a number of these touch ups done in the past 10 days. Street lights were being put up on both sides of the bridge this morning.There isn't any real reason why traffic across the bridge cannot resume.

The latest rumor has it that the bridge will be opened on Sunday, June 12th, the day before the festival. The only reason I can see for the delay would be that a ceremony is planned for that day. Perhaps.

Be that as it may, I hope this is indeed the penultimate bridge update. We'll know soon enough.

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