Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 19 Gardening Update

The top photo is of an area of our property, taken a month ago after we had finished putting up our fence and just a few days before the return of the rains. The 2nd photo was taken yesterday; although the camera angles aren't identical, it is of the same general area and shows the results of the rainfall we received in the past few days. The eggplants that my wife's Papa planted are doing quite well - as are the surrounding weeds.

The third photo is of my beloved butternut squash, which also seems to be doing well.

The problem, of course is that now that the rains have returned, the unwanted weeds will begin to take over if something isn't done. As Barney Fife said, "This calls for action now! Nip it in the bud!"

Using a hoe is out of the question for an old fart like your's truly. The solution usually taken here is to put a goat or two on the problem. I'll be looking into that.

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