Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hangin's too good for 'em.

Everything was going fairly well Monday; that is, until I returned from work to find the cable was not working.No T.V. and no Internet access.The T.V. I could live without, but the Internet was a different story.
My first thought was that we had forgotten to pay the bill. My wife was sure that we had, but without Internet we could not go online to our bank account to see if the check had posted.
I was going to have to drive down to the cable company first thing Tuesday morning and get it taken care of. So, J.P. and I are off bright and early Tuesday......too early as it turned out. We arrived at the Comcast office fifteen minutes before they opened.I wasn't about to stand there out front with a two year old in tow. We were back into the van, heading for the public library.I could, at least, check my email on a library computer.
Back to Comcast.The lady in the office tells me that we are not behind with the bill so she'll send out a repair tech to fix the problem.
That was Tuesday 9:30 AM. The cable guy finally arrived at the apartment at 10:30 AM Wednesday.
No Internet for a day and a half. ARRGHHHH !!!!! The humanity !!!!!!!
The cable guy says that there was evidence of tampering. Someone in my apartment building trying to steal cable.
There are some who would get angry at those who steal cable while they themselves must pay for it. I don't mind so much that this person was getting something for nothing. But, it does bother me that he knocked out my Internet in the process.
Hangin's too good for 'em.

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Olga said...

that story just raises my blood pressure to the tops Robert. it's very rampart here just in case you do not know yet, but here, it's mostly electricity. we legitimate userts get to pay for the electricity comsumed by the thieves. imagine a barangay with 12 households. ten are legitimate users while two are stealing thru illegal connections. each barangay has an electric meter that shows the total consumption of that particular locale. supposing the ten legal connections registered only use equivalent to P1,000. but barangay meter showed that a total of P1,500 was actually consumed. that P500 difference will automatically be distributed among the ten household come billing time. isnt that infuriating? they get to enjoy full benefits at our expense!