Thursday, August 30, 2007

Comic Censorship

According to news reports , The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (CLRCR) issued a statement yesterday criticizing newspapers for dropping cartoons that might offend Muslims while running cartoons that might offend Catholics.
CLRCR was reacting to the news that at least 25 of the 200 or so "Opus" clients planned not to publish the Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 installments of Berkeley Breathed's Washington Post Writers Group comic.
The CLRCR has a point. Newspapers in the West have no qualms over publishing anything that might be considered offensive to Christian sensibilities.'Freedom of the Press' and all that, you know.
But, Heaven forbid, they would do anything to disturb Muslims.I'm sure it's merely coincidental that Christian protests over an offensive comic might consist of simply carrying signs or boycotting the newspaper while Muslim protests might involve blowing up a building.
I've put in the Aug. 26 comic....clicking on it will open a larger version. If I'm able to locate the Sept. 2 , I'll put it online as well.

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