Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Conception Day !!!

According to the stats from Google Analytics, this blog has a bit of an International following.The blog has received regular hits from more than 65 countries.In spite of that,there has been a conspicuous lack of hits coming from Russia.From what I've read online, that certainly isn't going to change today . You see, today, September 12 has been declared "Conception Day" for the 3rd year running by the Russian Government.Anyone doubting this can check the links here,- here, or here.
For years, the Russians have been worried about the plummeting birthrate in the former Soviet Union. To turn things around, a plan was ....uhhh....conceived to encourage more Russians to have children. So, "Conception Day" was born.
Employers are expected to give folks the day off from work today so they can stay home and have sex. (As George Gershwin once wrote, it's nice work, if you can get it.)
Sept. 12 was chosen because it is nine months from the Russian "Constitution Day". Couples giving birth to a baby during the festivities in June can win valuable prizes.
Call me a pessimist, but I see a problem with this day off from work. I mean, it's gotta be with pay, right? Who can afford to lose a day's wages....especially if your trying to have a baby?
And just one day? What if your partner isn't ovulating on Sept 12 ? You've got no chance in winning the contest. My solution to that would be to give everybody capable of breeding the entire month off. That way, you've gone through the whole cycle and are more likely to conceive.
Here's hoping the Russians enjoy themselves today. Maybe when they've finished doing their "patriotic duty" they can take time to read my blog.

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