Monday, September 3, 2007

Comic Censorship #2

In a previous entry, Comic Censorship- I wrote about a few U.S. newspapers censoring Berkeley Breathed's comic "Opus" on two consecutive Sunday's because those papers felt the comics for those dates would be offensive to Muslims.
As promised, I've put in the 2nd comic here. Clicking on the comic will enlarge it.
There is a website mentioned in the comic and I've put a link to that site here.


Anonymous said...

i'm known as mr."pc", so ima guessing its offensive due to the slight suggestion of sex between unmarried couples? change the woman to ewe, to play it safe.

Anonymous said...

oops mr"pc" again, wrong cartoon, last comment goes better with other censured cartoon.
this one makes you! i dont grin or giggle nor am i driven to examine the political aspects of it. id rather clip my toenails