Friday, September 14, 2007

Song Li Le email bombs the Fredster.

Some folks have no sense of humor. That seems to be the case with the scammer calling himself Song Li Le.Recently , you'll recall, Fred Sanford called Song "blind as well as stupid" in an email exchange.
I opened the Fred Sanford email account last night after work to discover that Song had sent an E-mail bomb , hoping to cause a Denial of service attack on Fred.There was nearly 1500 emails.....with a third in the bulk mail and about 1000 in the inbox.
It didn't take long to clean it up although there is a tiny bit of residual fallout today. No Biggie.
E-mail bombing a Yahoo email account is really a doofus sort of thing to do. From his own experience , Song should have known that I wasn't using my primary email with him. Besides , the reason he uses Yahoo is because it is disposable. Right now , I'm still using Fred to goof another scammer but I could pretty much drop that account and use a different one.
Misty is still involved with Song.....he hasn't caught on that Misty and Fred are the same person. Her last email to him was really off the wall so their exchanges may not go on too much longer. I want to wait until it's fully developed before I put it all on the blog. I will say now, the emails coming from Misty are not 'family-friendly'.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fred, I'm so glad to have read as much as I could about Mr. Song Li Le, is it not illegal what he is doing and how do I get him to stop emailling me? I'm not as smart as you and don't think I would know how to recover from a bomb in my emails. Any suggestions?

Thank you inadvance ffor your help

RTS said...

You may not be able to get the emails to stop....but you can mark them as spam and your email account should filter them out. Just don't answer the emails.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend
You are absolutely right.He is an ..... I don't care who he is but I do care about the moral sense .He doesn't know anything about ethics.
Anyway I don't want to take your time.the only thing I should remind is that HE IS NOT RELIABLE and I hope to see him crashing asap.
Have fun