Friday, September 21, 2007

Time Differences causes Delay

Although goofing on scammers can be fun,it takes time to develop the scheme due to the time differences involved. Most of the scammers are coming from half-way around the world and an answer to a particular email can take 24 hours or longer. They usually work out of Internet cafes and may have only certain times when they can access the web.
The first emails between Song Li Le and Misty Meaner started Aug. 13 and continued until just a day or two ago. Following the emails posted in Misty and Song Li....the Delivery there was one more email from Song and one from Misty.It's not likely that Song will respond to Misty's last email and I felt posting those emails now would be anticlimactic.
In order to keep Song around, I've resurrected a character from an earlier scam involving an "Organization" called The Red Hat Brigade . It's too early to know how Song will respond to the Brigade's regulations. The scammer calling himself David Kenneth took the Brigade seriously and did his best to please them. We can only wait and see how Song will react.

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