Monday, April 14, 2008

A Birthday Gift.

I'll be honest with you; I've never heard Glenn Beck's radio program. I've only seen his T.V. program a handful of times and it is interesting. I don't a problem with anything I've heard him say on the show, but it's unlikely that I would have bought his book. My budget doesn't allow me to spend a great deal on new books and he wouldn't have made the cut.
That being said, I am happy to have received a copy of his book, An Inconvenient Book as a gift on my birthday.
As I write this, I've only found the time to have read about 25% of it but, I'd recommend it.
He's a typical conservative......uses common sense and humor to attack the "progressive", "politically correct" ideas so prevalent in today's world.
Too many people today are easily offended and want to silence those who say something they don't want to hear. Most "liberals" I know, (or as they like to call themselves, "progressives") will not listen to anything that contradicts their world-view. They are, by and large, the most closed-minded group of individuals you'll ever run across. They want to stifle all debate because, being the elitists they are, they believe their ideas are superior.
On the back cover of his book, Glenn has quotes from a number of progressives:
"Glenn Beck is CNN's chief corporate-fascism advocate."
_Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
"Satan's mentally challenged younger brother."
_Stephen King
"Glenn Beck shouldn't be on [the air]."
_Al Franken

If that's not enough to recommend the book, I don't know what is.

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