Monday, April 7, 2008

A Change of Pace.

Off and on, over the past year, I've been making little parody news web pages to go with this blog.I've been using the free personal web page service provided by my ISP to host these pages.....but now, that's come to a halt.
Comcast has made some changes to the PWP, with the idea that we'd be getting MORE for our money, but, as it turns out, the opposite has happened.
Although the old pages can be seen online, I cannot edit anything like before. I'm even having problems getting to the new setup.
I've been looking around and I've found a few places where I can have pages hosted for free. I'll try one and see how it works.
Hopefully, I can get back to doing the parody sites again before too long.

I found a new free host....I redid one of the Bud Tugley pages to get started.
Bud Tugley rides again.

The new "free" website host died. Here it is on the site.
Al man wins GA loto

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