Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Urth Day 2008.

Today is Earth Day and I almost missed it.Where was my head? How could I have neglected writing about how we humans are destroying the planet.
I actually Googled the words "destroying the planet" and came up several different ways our way of life is (allegedly) killing Mother Earth.
Natural News.com tells us that the planet can't support our carnivorous lifestyle.The idea is that it takes a great deal of land to grow the crops to feed the chickens, pigs and cows that we love to eat. We have to cut down oodles of rain forest to find the farmland needed. Next, we have to deal with the large amounts of animal poop finding it's way into the water.Oh, and I can't forget to mention that the methane in cow farts are much worst than the exhaust from your SUV.
An article in News Science Tech tells us that YOU are destroying the planet, at this very minute, by using the Internet.
Worst of all, naturally, are the dreaded Americans. We are the worst offenders.It says so at common dreams .org. Fortunately, the article on that web site lists a number of suggestions for things you non Americans can do to get us thoughtless Americans to change our ways.
"First...get personal...man-to-man. Let Americans you meet hear your outrage. Violate our comfort zone."
This one won't work. We've heard you complain about the USA so often that we simply tune it out......like the guy who's been married to a nag for 25 years, now can't even heard a word she says.
"Next...boycott American goods and services."
What goods and services? We don't produce anything....except food. With the current world grain shortage, it's unlikely you'll boycott the only thing we have to export.
"And...for the final and third strategy...foreign nations and individuals can sue America."
That will only work if America recognizes the court you use to sue us.Lots of luck.
Finally, common dreams .org says,
"If these strategies don't work, the case for violence will be made."
Do I really need to comment on that suggestion?
Nobody wants a dirty planet.Nobody wants to destroy the Earth.I just have trouble taking some of your claims seriously. It's difficult for me to take much stock in "global warming" when we have so many stories, such as;
1) Winter weather sets several records
2) Wintry blast cools global warming fervour
3) Record snowfall provokes 'snow rage' in Canada
4) China freeze 'has cost billions'
We've been told that global warming will cause the ice caps to melt.......but if global warming causes record snow then I don't understand the problem.
Problem is.....global warming is said to be the cause of every climate change and weather phenomenon that comes up. And, of course we humans.....more especially we Americans, are the ones to blame.

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