Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adam and Eve of Destruction.

Using the information provided by one of my blog directories, I learned that a blogger named "David" had visited my blog. Naturally, I was curious to see what he wrote about in his blog.
He had I are the same age.....we grew up in the same era and had similar cultural influences. However, those influences had turned him into a Liberal.
He had a post dealing with T.Boone Pickens' windmill scheme. Being a Liberal and a believer in Global Warming, he is more enthusiastic about the "Plan" than I am.
I left a comment on his post telling him that, while we disagreed on the T.Boone Pickens Plan, he might find some of my other posts humorous. I included, in the comment, links to my T.Boone Quixote post and my parodies of the reincarnation of the Dead Beatles.
Sadly, he moderates his comments and chose not to allow mine.
Typical Liberal response......if you disagree with an argument censor the argument rather than address it logically.

After posting my piece on T.Boone Pickens, I've learned more about the potentially dangerous affects of wind turbines.
One article writes of Industrial wind turbines, infrasound and vibro-acoustic disease.
Another article mentions Wind Turbine Syndrome.
Now, we have a BBC article that tells of the danger wind turbines pose toward bats by causing a sudden drop in air pressure.
I suppose the Greens haven't figured it out yet.....we humans are so horrible that even our solutions cause problems for the rest of the universe. (Before I get hateful comments, let me say, I'm being sarcastic).
Anyone who doubts that the Left sees us as monsters need only check out this link to Barbara Minas Paintings & Drawings.