Thursday, August 21, 2008

There is no Free Lunch.

In July of 2007, I did a series of satirical blog post using "phony" websites I had created and put online via the personal web pages (PWP) provided by my ISP. I made "news" sites, Canadian govt website and a Canadian Communist Party website.
Then, my ISP (Comcast) changed the format of the PWPs. You can still see the old pages, but I could not make new ones with the same creative freedom as before. I had to find a new website that gave free hosting....I thought I had found one called
I created a few pages of Britney Spears marrying Bud Tugley and Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison reincarnating.
I guess 12gbfree went out of business because my pages cannot be accessed and the 12gbfree home page isn't available.
I have plenty of storage on my website....I've decided to recreate the lost pages and store them there.
Here are some examples:
AL man wins GA lotto.
Dead Beatles Reincarnate.
Yoko to Taykastan.

Original blog posts:


Dominique said...

Something that will tickle your fancy:

RTS said...

Jail time for victims?......hhuumm.
I see possibilities here.