Monday, September 29, 2008

Vista and my Peripherals.

I've seen a few of Microsoft's new TV commercials for the, so-called, "Mohave Experiment" .
The website has this:
"What do people think of Windows Vista when they don't know it's Windows Vista? To find out, we disguised it as 'the next Microsoft Operating System' codenamed 'Mojave' and showed regular people, who've never used Windows Vista, what it could do so they could decide for themselves."
Evidently, there's not been enough folks willing to buy Windows Vista. A lot of people I know who have it, hate it.
The PC I'm using now is only a few months old, so, it came with Vista already installed. I don't hate Vista......I mean, it's OK. My biggest complaint is that my old peripherals were made in the XP days and won't work with Vista. This is in spite of the claim that I can find drivers for my printer and scanner that will allow me to hook them up to my new PC.
It's not that I use the printer or scanner very often. If I have to, I can use them with my old PC and transfer the files to and fro.
My old one is a dinosaur.....too slow to hook up to the Internet. I can't upgrade the memory and having anti virus software installed on the old PC is really out of the question.
As long as I keep it offline, I can use it to run the peripherals.
For me, the bottom line is, buying a new PC with Vista already installed is fine.....but if I had a pretty good PC with XP on it, I wouldn't upgrade it to Vista.

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Dominique said...

...or switch over to Linux. Heh.