Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Tweet It Is.

I've never really had much interested in Twitter. I had gone to the website a couple of times, but frankly, I can't understand the point; what's the draw?
Tweets? Seriously? You call the postings tweets?

With all that being said, I went to Twitter and opened an account. Who or what could possibly persuade me to become a Twittinista?

Rush Limbaugh. Or, rather the contest El Rushbo is having. Follow Rush on Twitter and get a chance to win a new iPad.

The odd thing is, if I were to actually win, who do you think would get the iPad?
Yep, that's right.....Sweetie.

Once the contest is official over, I'll cancel my Twitter account. I'm following a couple of folks besides Rush - LarryD and Dom. but, heck, I already follow those guys' blogs so this Twitter thing is just superfluous.

Speaking of LarryD, in a comment to Tuesday's post, Larry mentioned that he had downloaded the 5 book John Carter series for his Nook. I've been reading the Tarzan series (thanks to Project Gutenberg) and I had downloaded the first John Carter - A Princess of Mars. The five John Carter books are part of the 10 book Barsoom series. Five of the 10 books are out of copyright, so are available for free at Project Gutenberg. Three of the Five are John Carter books.
You can get the complete Barsoom series for Kindle for like $2. I've already downloaded the five free ones.......I'll wait and see if I can make it thru these five before I purchase the whole set.

A Princess of Mars is what some would call a cliff hanger of sorts; more interesting than the Tarzan stuff, but the story is really bizarre. I mean seriously. It's easy enough to overlook the fact that we know Mars is nothing like Burroughs imagined. Just call it Barsoom and everything's OK, but there's no getting around the fact that the plot, characters and ideas in the book are truly weird.

Interesting, but weird.

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