Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Plum Trees.

During the Fall of 2010, I planted plum trees on our property. I vaguely, sorta, kinda, knew in the back of my mind that I'd need two trees for pollination. Not being nearly knowledgeable enough, I didn't pay as much attention in picking my two trees as I might have otherwise.

After putting the trees into the ground and removing the tags, I learned that picking just any two varieties wasn't enough. Not only did I have to pick two different varieties for cross - pollination, but some groupings are considered better than others. Fortunately, I accidentally managed to pick two varieties ideally suited for producing fruit. 1) Burbank and 2) Santa Rosa.

Unfortunately, because I removed the tags, I have no idea which is the Burbank and which is the Santa Rosa.

The first spring, I knew I'd not be getting fruit. I was a bit puzzled, though, how the two could cross pollinate since one tree bloomed a week or ten days before the other. I noticed again this time that the two did not blossom together. How could/would they produce fruit?

Surprisingly, one has already put on beaucoup fruit. If the second one fails to produce anything, the fruit on the first will be more than enough for me, my wife and son. I don't if the second one will produce this season or not........I'm hardly an expert.

Now, I only need to worry about insects, squirrels and birds eating more than I think they should (that number would be zero, BTW).

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