Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dom and Emily.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post,the highlight of St. Anthony's feast day for me was my finally meeting, face to face, Dom Cimafranca and his charming wife, Emily. I became acquainted with Dom several years ago by way of his blog VillageIdiotSavant and over the years we've developed an on-line friendship.

Managing to take time off from his busy schedule teaching Computer Science and Creative Writing at Ateneo de Davao University, Dom and Emily flew into Dumaguete Tuesday. After connecting with Dom via cell phone, we arranged to meet outside St. Anthony's church in Sibulan on Thursday.

Back to Mama and Papa's house to enjoy the lechon baboy. After lunch, Cathy, J.P. and I joined the Cimafranca's on a little outing to see the sights in Dumaguete. Dom had the use of a car......certainly much better than depending on an "easy ride" or "tricycle" to get about,though I told Dom that I didn't think I was brave enough to try driving a car in Dumaguete.

When asked where we'd like to go first, Cathy and I said we wanted to see Robinson's Mall. It had been built since our last visit and our trip to Dumaguet would have been incomplete without our checking it out. Very impressive.

Then it was off to the Marine Museum to see the crocodiles, giant sea turtle and the museum's whale bone collection.

Lastly, Dom and Emily treated us to ice cream and coffee at a lovely little place called Gaby's Bistro. The photos of the various treats on the menu do not do them justice. J.P.'s ice cream, as you can see, was much too big - even for him.

Having read one or two of Dom's short stories on-line, I let him know that I was a fan. When we met, he gave to me a copy of his book of short stories, " An Unusual Treatment ". I hope the entire book becomes available on-line; Dom deserves a larger audience. I'll be loaning my copy to friends, but it can only go so far.

It's too early to be planning our next trip to Philippines......we haven't left yet. But, come next trip, I want to schedule a side trip to Davao to visit Dom and Emily, our new friends.

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