Monday, June 3, 2013


Getting packed for the trip to Philippines.

For myself, I could get by with simply a carry-on; a few pairs of shorts, a few shirts and underwear is all I need. With my wife, it's an entirely different story. Although we've already sent ahead balikbayan boxes with gifts for half of Sibulan, my wife still has more things to slug half-way across the planet.

Three people - three checked bags. If we were only going as far as Manila, there wouldn't be a problem; Delta allows 50lbs per person. The rub comes when we leave Manila on a domestic flight to Dumaguete. Air Philippines (not to be confused with Philippines Airlines) only allows 10kg checked baggage per person. That's less than half the amount Delta permits. Carry-on limit for domestic is 7kg per. My son and I can easily manage that amount.

I still have a few things to buy before we leave; camera batteries, new ball cap, 2 pair of shorts. No problem.

In looking over my emails, I see that Delta actually allows each person two 50lb checked bags. The difference between Delta and Air Philippine is even greater than I previously wrote.

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