Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time Out for a Book Review.

Days before leaving on our trip to Philippines, I made certain that my Amazon Kindle was fully charged and that there were plenty of e-books for me to read on that long,boring flight from JFK to Tokyo/ Narita.
Unfortunately, I was deprived of the use of my Kindle. We were traveling with three checked bags and three carry-on pieces. After everything was seemingly up to snuff and we were about to board the plane leaving Atlanta, we were informed that the overhead bins were completely full and any carry-on luggage that could not fit under the seat would have to be checked.

 Naturally, my carry on was too large.We were being told this at the last minute; I felt rushed and I wanted to be certain the really important items - passports, tickets, medicines - were put into Cathy's carry-on.In my haste, I left the Kindle in my former carry-on-now-checked bag and would not have access to it until we landed in Manila.

I've managed to find time to read while here in Sibulan. I've just finished one of the free e-books downloaded from Amazon:  The Rise of the Witch-The Witch Hunter Series Book 1,  by G. Stewart.
This book was made available at no charge in the hope that the reader would continue to follow the series.
The Rise of the Witch revolves around the appearance, near Endiburgh, of the ghost of a 17th century witch named Peigi Stuart.

Perhaps I'm an old fashioned grammar snob, but I was turned off by the writer's frequent ending of sentences with a preposition. I realize that ending a sentence correctly can be difficult and a sentence can become slightly convoluted when trying to say what you want to say without ending the sentence with "in" or "on". Sadly, G. Stuart makes it habit.

The book's plot quickly becomes convoluted as well. The idea proposed by the military to get rid of the witch with the use of a nuclear weapon was over the top, to say the least.

I don't think my giving away the ending will be a spoiler. I'm hoping that others won't waste their time, as I did, reading this e-book. After having gone on a rampage and killing a number of innocent people with abandon, Peigi Stuart is persuaded to return to the netherworld by simply meeting her 21st century descendant, Peggy Stuart.

The book ends with modern day  Peggy and her boyfriend Matt joining a  Secret Group of Witch Hunters, thereby allowing the series to continue.

The Rise of The Witch may not be the worst book ever written; I haven't read any of Stewart's other books, after all. I don't intend to find out if the rest of the series is this book's equal.

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