Saturday, June 8, 2013


We're finally arrived.

Actually, we've been here in Sibulan since yesterday afternoon. After a trip lasting 44 hours, I needed sleep before I could bring myself to go to an internet cafĂ©. Fortunately, one has opened across the street from the in-law’s since our last visit 6 years ago.

We left our house in Rome 4:00 AM EST this past Wednesday – Atlanta airport to JFK – JFK to Tokyo/ Narita, then on to Manila.

The overnight wait for the plane to Dumaguete was longer than expected. We arrived in Manila about 10:00 PM, local time. The flight to Dumaguete was originally scheduled to leave at 8:40 AM, but it was nearly noon before we left. Due to air traffic, a long overnight stay in the domestic airport was made even longer.

There’s more to say; I’ll be buying a writing tablet later today so I don’t have to waste internet time writing on the fly.

We're all safe and sound. We’re happy to see the family and of course, the feeling is reciprocated.
Consider this post the first installment of, I hope, many.


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