Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I have arthritis.

Years ago, when I first sought treatment, a doctor told me, after medical tests were done, that my back, neck and spine were overrun with arthritic joints. Strangely enough, over the years, my neck, back and spine have not presented a problem. Instead of the areas listed by the doctor, most of my arthritic symptoms come from my right wrist.

Not having a proper computer desk has not helped. Using either the keyboard or mouse has aggravated the soreness in the wrist and carpal tunnel.

Now, I have something else causing havoc with my right hand; dumbbell, free weight exercises.

The, so-called, "pushing" exercises for chest, shoulder and triceps don't appear to be as big a problem as the "pull" exercises for back and biceps. It's usually the day following the "pull" that gives me the most pain. The grip required when doing these can be pretty intense.

I hate that this is making writing with the keyboard so difficult. I don't want to abandon my free weight exercises. Aspirin and acetaminophen have helped relieve some of the pain, but it looks like I'll need to find for ways to modify the exercises.

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