Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Slow News Day

It never fails.

There is a gate at the entrance of our apartment complex which is locked at night. All the tenants have a key to the lock, of course. When I leave for my morning walk, sometimes I am the first to go through the gate - in which case the gate will still be locked - while other times, either the landlord has come through to water plants or another tenant has left before me. The "it" that never fails is this:
If I leave the apartment without my wife's key, the gate will be locked, forcing me to return to the apartment to fetch her key, then turning around and returning the key to her. If I bring the key with me the first time, the gate will be already unlocked and I'll have to turn around and give her back her key.

This is a similar situation to what happens regarding my camera. I like to take my camera with me whenever I go out on the chance that I'll come across something that's crying out for me to photograph. However, there are times when I'll neglect to bring along my 35mm.

Just like the situation with the gate key, whenever I fail to bring along my camera, there will be all sorts of photographically interesting phenomenon that I'll be unable to photograph. When I bring the 35mm, I very rarely seeing anything worth shooting.

So, you see, it never fails.

I'm forced to take photos like the one above.....nice enough, OK, but not something to write home about - or a blog post either.

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