Sunday, January 3, 2016

Microsoft's - Epic Fail

Thanks to an article at CNN (How old do you really look? This website will tell you in seconds) I learned of a website created by Microsoft called utilizes some sort of computer algorithm to analyze photos uploaded to the site and "guess" the age of the person in the photo.

It's not always accurate.

Trying out the site, I uploaded 2 different photos of myself to see what age the algorithm came up with for me. The age difference in the two analyses was more than ten years. To top it off, the photo where I thought I looked older was the one that the website said I looked younger.

I had an idea that the absence of hair on my head might be skewing the outcome. I decided to take one particular photo and with the power of GIMP, I added hair and uploaded the results to to see what would happen.

The results follow:


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