Friday, January 22, 2016

Drudge Report Presidential Poll

Upon going to Drudge Report this morning in search of news stories to blog about, I saw a Presidential preference poll there, listing both Democrat and Republican candidates. Naturally, I couldn't resist putting in my 2 pesos worth.

It's probably a safe bet to conclude this is not anything close to being a scientific poll.

I was not at all surprised to see Trump and Cruz as the top two in the Drudge poll......those results fit with everyone's idea of the sort of folks that go to the web site. I was absolutely taken aback, however, seeing Bernie Sanders taking the number 3 spot. I would never have suspected that many hard-core Socialist types would be checking out Drudge.

What is not surprising is Hillary Clinton's position on the poll results. You'd expect her to poll pretty close to the bottom amoung Drudge fans. Here, she loses to Jeb, but does manage to beat Santorum and O'Malley.

Who did I vote for, you ask?

In this poll, I voted for Rubio. As I mentioned before [ Trump vs Clinton - Heaven Help Us. ] I'd prefer to see Rubio and Fiorina teamed together. It wouldn't make a difference to me which was chosen as POTUS and which was VPOTUS. Unfortunately, we all know  that's not going to happen.

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