Sunday, May 27, 2018

My Chat With Lazada - Part One

In last Sunday's post I told of how I had somehow managed to damage the memory card for my digital camera and how I had ordered a replacement from a company here in Philippines.

As I was writing that post, I was chatting online with a customer service rep from Lazada. A transcript of that chat was sent to my email address. I am posting the transcript here.

 Chat transcript:

Visitor: I received an email 12 days ago telling me that my order has been shipped. It has not arrived.
John Paul - S: Thank you for contacting Lazada Philippines live chat! My name is John. Let me assist you with that concern.

John Paul - S: May I have your name to address you properly?

Visitor: Robert
John Paul - S: Hi Good morning Robert.
Visitor: By the way, my son's name is also John Paul
John Paul - S: Great! Thank you for that.
John Paul - S: May I have your order number please?
Visitor: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
John Paul - S: Thanks. SanDisk Ultra SDHC Card Class 10 16GB SDSDUNB-016G 48mb/s. Is these the item?
Visitor: yes
John Paul - S: Thanks. To further assist you with this matter, I need to check my resources first and review the order. Please stay online and I will get back to you within 1 to 2 minutes.

John Paul - S: Thank you for patiently waiting Robert, Upon checking here I'm glad to inform you that your order is now being handled by our courier and delivery will surely happen on or before May 22, 2018.

John Paul - S: Are we still connected?
Visitor: yes we are still connected
John Paul - S: Thank you for that.
Visitor: Thank you. I expect to see it by the 22nd.
Visitor: Have a good day John Paul
John Paul - S: No worries on that, Rest assured that the item will be deliver. And most of all I am so excited for you to receive the item.
John Paul - S: Is there anything else that I may help you today?

Visitor: No. thank you.
John Paul - S: May I have your most active email address?

Visitor: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
John Paul - S: Thanks. You may also track your order through our online order tracking tool which can be found on the website or can easily be accessed through this link You just need to input the order number as well as the registered e-mail address upon placing the order.

John Paul - S: It is my pleasure to serve you. A copy of our conversation will be sent to your email address as your reference. A survey will also be sent and we hope that you will answer and give us feedback on how well I have served you today. This will be our reference as we aim to provide quality service to all our customers. Thank you and have a Blessed Sunday.

John l Customer Service l Lazada PH

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