Monday, May 28, 2018

9°19'31.5"N 123°16'02.2"E

It was in a post from Feb. 2017 [Down By the Okoy River - Part Two ] that I first made mention of a new road being constructed in Magatas, Sibulan. That post was written during the very early days of construction and quite a lot has been done since then.

For one thing, the road now connects to the National Highway just south of the Okoy river bridge in Sibulan. We also know that this road - called the Diversion Road - will be, when completed, a bypass around the heavily congested areas of Dumaguete. There is talk that the road will eventually connect with the National South Road. When that day comes, it will be a Godsend to the area.

At this time, vehicles can enter the Diversion Road from the North and travel toward Dumaguete. Any traffic wishing to continue on into the city must exit onto the Magatas road and head into Camanjac. This side road will take you to Rovira Drive.

One can continue along the Diversion Road, rather than take the detour, but there will not be a proper road to exit off onto after this point. There are a few "pig trails" exiting the Diversion Road that can handle motorcycle or small car traffic - but no large trucks.

I wanted to travel the entire length of the Diversion Road to see just how far it went. Unfortunately, it comes to a complete dead-end before reaching Rovira Drive. Using an app on my mobile phone, I located the coordinates of the dead-end. - 9°19'31.5"N 123°16'02.2"E.

 I'm not able to post any new photos taken along the Diversion Road - or the dead-end. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the memory card for my digital camera was damaged and I've yet to get a replacement. The first photo in this post is a screen shot of the location of the road's dead-end in Camanjac. Google Maps does not show any section of the road as it now exists.

One photo below shows the road as it was in Feb. 2017. The final photo was taken about a month ago.

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