Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mark Shea is Such a F***ing Liar

So-called "Catholic writer" Mark Shea hates Donald Trump with a fiery passion. This isn't just a mild dislike, but a blinding hatred which seems to force Mr.Shea into posting lies about the President.

Look, I can understand not wanting Trump to be POTUS. He's hardly my first choice. During the 2016 Presidential race, I frequently compared having to choose between Trump or Clinton to being the equivalent of deciding if you want mustard or mayo on your shit sandwich.

That being said, Shea's hatred of Trump has pushed Shea over the edge. In a recent post, Shea posted the above photo while stating "This is a bus for babies snatched away from their parents at the border by our sadistic border policies." The statement provides a link to Shea's "proof". Clicking on his link takes one to for a fact check, and he uses the link and photo to provide evidence that Trump is a Fascist and a racist.

First of all, the bus is not the product of Donald Trump. According to the Snopes fact check, the photograph "was featured in a 29 April 2016 Geo Group press release describing the purchase of two 'New Specialized Transport Buses' outfitted with convertible child safety seats, intended to be used to carry children ranging from ages 4 to 17 for medical treatment, to court appointments, and on monthly offsite field trips". In other words, the bus is a creation of the Obama administration.

Secondly, according to the link, the babies carried on this particular bus are not "snatched away from their parents at the border". U.S. Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE) maintains a family detention facility for undocumented immigrants called the Karnes County Residential Center in Karnes City, Texas. The Karnes facility houses women with children, and it provides educational services (as well monthly field trips) to the school age children held there.

"Residents are provided education programming, medical care, recreation, visitation facilities, recreation, life skills/chores, study time, group interaction, free time, and access to religious and legal services. All residents of school age are offered educational services through a certified charter school. Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art smart-boards which allow children to interactively participate in classroom instruction. Field trips are provided monthly for all children to local parks, libraries, and other community events."

Either Shea did not read the entire article he linked to, or he has poor reading comprehension.

I wanted to leave a comment on Shea's blog to call him out on his lie and his calumny toward the President, but I'm banned from leaving comments on his blog.

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