Thursday, May 19, 2016

Starting the Fence

Post and fencing wire was delivered to the property in Magatas this morning. After the banana plants and coconut tree were taken care of, my wife's Papa and a helper began work on the fence.

The men were unable to finish today. Two sections need to be moved tomorrow. The section on the northern side, which goes along the right of way, needs to moved further out by 1 1/2 meters.

The old fence which runs along the eastern side will be removed. This will bring together our two lots which have previously been divided. The posts from the eastern side will then be used for the fence that will run along the northern side.

I'm sure the fence will be completed tomorrow.

There's an uprooted tree stump which will be removed as well. When all thats done, I'll make a place to transplant the new squash plants. These plants will be on the opposite end of the property from the piggery. I'm placing the plants far enough away from the work area so we don't have a repeat of two weeks ago when men delivering concrete blocks destroyed plants that I had set out.

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