Monday, May 23, 2016

The Rain. Day Two

As I mentioned yesterday, we have finally gotten rain in Negros Oriental. The 10 day forecast calls for some rain every day for the rest of the month. Today is the 2nd day of that forecast and it's accurate so far. With rain two days in a row, can we officially say the rainy season has returned?

I had banking business in Dumaguete this AM and it began to rain on the drive home. We've needed the rain and I'm happy to see it, although the woman who does our laundry may not be too pleased. One can't hang clothes outside when there's a shower.

We had originally planned for my wife's papa and his helper to build the piggery this week. It's estimated to take at least six days to complete the job. I'm sure that the return of the rain will affect that schedule, but there shouldn't be too much problem in ordering the rest of the materials needed for the project. In the spot where I've planned to plant a few vegetables, there is a hole in the ground caused by the removal of the coconut tree stump. There's to be some digging for the piggery and piggery septic tank. My plan is to take soil from there to fill the hole. Should the rain slow the work on the piggery, it will slow my gardening project as well.

I'm not complaining, mind you. We're in desperate need of rain, and I can adjust my schedule when we do get the rain.

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