Friday, June 3, 2016

To Market, To Market to Buy a Fat Pig..........

June 13, the feast day of Saint Anthony of Padua is fast approaching. St. Anthony is the patron saint of Sibulan, so, his feast day is a very big deal here. Not only is the work on the bridge between Cangmating and Sibulan expected to be completely finished before the celebration, pig farmers have begun gathering on the roads leading into town in order to sell the critters. Because the feast day is so important to the community, everyone will be having Lechon Baboy (roast pig).

One would think that I'd enjoy lechon. Pork is my favorite meat, and seeing one roasting over charcoals is impressive. Yes, one might think that, but one would be wrong. I've tried Lechon Baboy a number of times, and I've always been sadly disappointed. To my taste, the flavor of the pork leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps, it's because I imagine a BBQ when I see the pig roasting. What use is BBQ pork without a good, spicy BBQ sauce?

I'm sure I'll have a little taste this year. Maybe I can bring my own sauce.

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