Friday, August 5, 2016

Pigs and Pies

Being retired and on a fixed income. I'm always looking for ways to earn a bit more of what W.C. Fields called the elusive spondulix. This search has lead us to purchase piglets which we'll raise for breeding stock.

Today, we bought a different type of commercial feed for the piglets; we've been feeding them feed especially formulated for newly weaned piglets. That particular feed is fairly expensive and I'm glad we can finally make the change.

Still, the new feed sells for 33 pesos per kilo when purchased in small amounts. Buying the feed in 50 kilo sacks, the price is reduced to 1,460 peso per sack. (in American, that's 110 lbs for about $31)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the neutered male will be slaughtered in 3 or four months; the two females can't be bred until February, that's a lot of feed for an, as yet, unproductive animal.

In addition to the pig project, we've also started a little dessert business, selling banana pudding and assorted pies. We've only just started - the desserts are made at home in our kitchen and folks order, mostly via Facebook. The business is small, but we're making enough to keep the pigs fed. We're supplementing the commercial feed with the Trichanthera gigantea that grows on our property. Now, I've learned that the pigs can eat the dried banana skins we would have discarded in the making of the banana pudding.

In addition to the swine feed, we bought padlocks and a bit of chain to keep the door to the piggery safe from dishonest neighbors. There'll be additional work done on the piggery roof, in the odd chance that these pigs can fly.

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