Monday, August 29, 2016

Dumaguete's No-Tell Motels

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As one leaves Dumaguete city proper, on the North Road, passing the Airport you will eventually come upon the town of Sibulan. As you approach Sibulan from Dumaguete, you come to, what is called, by Google Maps, San Antonio Street. Of course, there are no street signs - Maslog Elementary School is on the corner.

Traveling up San Antonio Street, you will also wind up in Sibulan via the barangays of Maslog and Cangmating.

The peculiar thing I've found about San Antonio Street is the prevalence of, what are called in Philippines, Drive in Motels. In the U.S., we might call such places No-tell Motels.

Word is, these motels are basically used as the location for a ....uh.... "third rate romance, low rent rendezvous".

There are four of these No-tell Motels, located very close to one another, on San Antonio Street; Wild Wind, Queen of Hearts, Triple 888 and Honey Bee.

I don't have personal knowledge of the workings of the motels, but I'm told by reliable sources that the rooms are rented by the hour, with a hidden garage available for each of the rooms.

As I mentioned, the main highway is called Negros North Road - heading north from Dumaguete toward Sibulan. The Google map calls this highway South Road.......I suppose it is for folks heading into Dumaguete from Sibulan.

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