Thursday, August 11, 2016

Republicans Help Elect First Female POTUS

The latest Fox News "2016 Scorecard", released on August 09, has the Electoral College battleground map, which shows the race for POTUS leaning in Clinton's favor. To become POTUS, Trump must win all the solid GOP states, the lean GOP states, all the toss-up states and at least one lean Dem states; an impossible feat.

Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Hillary Clinton has to be the most flawed and least popular candidate ever nominated by the Democrats, and the Republicans nominate the only candidate that cannot wipe the floor with her.

Donald Trump may well indeed have some dyed in the wool, true blue followers, but the majority of the support going to either candidate is actually a vote against the other. As much as Hillary Clinton is despised through out the US, the Republicans pick a candidate who is hated even more than Hillary.

The Trumpettes claim to be for "anyone but Hillary". Why couldn't these never Hillary folks gone for someone more favorable to the American public?

Had the Republicans followed my advice and gone with a Rubio/Fiorina (or vice versa) the Republicans would be currently pulverizing the Clinton campaign.

This will go down as the election where the Republicans put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

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