Wednesday, August 2, 2017


As I've mentioned in a number of posts, I've altered my morning walk from a moderate walk to the area in and around the public market, to a vigorous walk to the highway and back - for a total of 3.4 km (2.10 miles). I've been using my iPhone to measure the time at the highway and again at the finish. I've been resetting the stopwatch at the highway and comparing the two times.

For 2nd time since I've been checking the time, the stopwatch on the iPhone has accidentally turned off on the return walk. After checking the time upon reaching the highway this morning, I managed a time of 17:39 for a speed of 3.57 MPH. I was certain that my speed had increased slightly on the return walk and thought I might get in under 17 minutes for the first time. Yesterday's return walk was 17:06, so 16:59 or better is a reasonable goal. Unfortunately, the stopwatch reset and I don't know the return speed.

I'm going to change my method of timing the walk starting tomorrow. Rather than rely solely on the iPhone as I have been, I'm going to use a second mobile phone - leaving it inside my car - and having a time for the entire walk should my iPhone reset itself again.

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