Friday, July 28, 2017

A Walk in Progress

For this morning's walk, I took the same route as yesterday  - from our apartment to the National Highway. As I had done yesterday, I took along my iPhone to measure the time.

When I reached the highway, I checked my time - 17:56. I had knocked off almost a minute from yesterday (18:45).

I took a second to reset the stopwatch on the iPhone, and headed back to the apartment. I was feeling confident that I was walking faster on the return mile. I was looking forward to seeing my time when I made it home.

Taking the phone out of my pocket, I discovered that the stopwatch had stopped at around 5 minutes. I was carrying my camera, and I may have bumped the phone while the camera moved about in my hand, causing the stopwatch to turn off.

This morning's walk to the highway was timed at 3.51 MPH. I was a bit confused when I read that calculation. I had measured yesterday's return walk as taking a bit longer, but the speed came out as 3.7 MPH. I rechecked my math this morning and yesterday's return calculation was in error. I had not subtracted the time correctly. My speed from yesterday's return mile should have read 3.53 MPH not the 3.7 MPH listed.

Rather than use yesterday's jpg today, I took a screen shot of the walk going in the opposite direction. Google gave the same distance, but today's walk time was given as 20 minutes compared to yesterday's 21.

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