Friday, January 20, 2017

On Point Car Wash

Since buying our car two years ago, we've been having it cleaned at Cyd's on the National Highway in Maslog, Sibulan. A few weeks back, while having the car washed, I noticed that a new car wash had opened up directly across the street from Cyd's. Although I've been completely satisfied with Cyd's. I thought that I might check out the On Point Carwash one day. After all, competition brings about good service.

After all the rain this past week, the car was in disperate need of washing. Cyd's was packed - five cars ahead of me - so this seemed like a good time to try out On Point.

The quality of the car wash (inside and out) is equal to Cyd's at exactly the same price. With On Point, I didn't have all those cars ahead of me, so I feel like I made a good choice. While getting my car washed, I couldn't help but notice one of the car washers at Cyd's giving me a "look" for doing business at the new place. I had to smile.

While my car was being washed, I talked with the owner of On Point. He's an older Filipino, originally from Sibulan, who has been working in Miami, Florida as a chef, for the past 16 years.

The owner, George, put on a musical CD, On the Border by the Eagles. I hadn't heard that music in ages and it was nice hearing it again. George is an old fart, like me, and I guess we grew up listening to the same music.

As I said, I've had no problems with Cyd's. Since both car washes do equally well at the same price, I'll go back to whichever one is easier to get in and out of when I need the car washed again.

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