Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Second Monkey

A couple of Tuesday's ago, while out on our morning walk, my neighbor and I took a detour down a road we don't travel frequently. It was during that Tuesday's excursion that we had come upon a monkey being kept as a pet by a Filipino. As I mentioned at the time, I wanted a photo of the monkey, but I was reluctant to walk onto a stranger's property in order to photograph the monkey up close. Sadly, because of that reluctance, the resulting photos were not of the highest quality.

As usual, we went walking this morning - this time toward the market in the Poblacion area of the town. My neighbor has been a bit under the weather and wasn't up to as long a walk as I'd like, so when we arrived back at the apartment complex, I decided to continue on.

I found myself walking in the direction of the house where I had previously seen the monkey. I was determined, this time, to walk onto the property and get close up photos. After all, as they say, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. I'd simply walk up to the monkey's cage and if the property owner objected, I'd apologize and move on.

As it turned out, no one objected. I was taking up close photos when I saw a second, smaller monkey in a tree some distance from the older, caged monkey. This, obviously younger monkey jumped from the tree and ran to the area where the adult monkey is caged.  This time, I was able to snap photos of both monkeys.

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