Monday, January 15, 2018

You Only Dye Twice

Last March, I wrote a post on the brutality of the tropical, Philippine sun on the color of fabrics. I posted a before and after photo of brown cargo shorts that had faded after being frequently washed and hung out to dry in the sun.

Today's photos show a pair of shorts dyed last March - back and front shots of the shorts after nine months of washing and drying and front and back shots of the short after I re-dyed the shorts a day or so ago. This time I used more dye per shorts.

Last year, I used 3 sachets of brown dye, each weighing 2 grams, to dye two pair of cargo shorts. This time, I used eight 2 gram sachets per shorts. Comparing last year's after photos to this week's after photos, last year's finished color wasn't as dark as this time. Much better this time, I think.

Last year, the sachets cost 3 pesos each. Now, the price is 3.5 pesos each. The eight used on the one pair of shorts in the photos here cost 28 pesos - or 56 cents in U.S. currency. Not a bad price, I'd say.

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