Saturday, June 11, 2016

Banned and Enjoying It

There was a time when I was a frequent visitor to Mark Shea's blog, Catholic and Enjoying It. However, after I was banned from commenting on his blog in August 2015, I stopped reading it. Why should I continue to read someone who will not allow me to leave a comment?

Today, after many months away from his blog, I thought I'd check it out. That is when I discovered a strange post, "Michael Brendan Dougherty Advocates Final Act of Nihilist Irresponsibility." In the post, Shea is is critical of writer Michael Brendan Dougherty's decision to abstain from voting in the 2016 election for POTUS. Like me, Dougherty cannot stomach the thought of voting for either Clinton or Trump and Dougherty will not participate.

Shea maintains that "..........conservatives, above all, have a moral obligation to do all in their power to defeat Trump since it is they and they alone–the Party of Personal Responsibility and the Right Wing Noise Machine–who bred and catechized the base of morons, racists, and misogynists who made him a power in the lend. Sitting this out is just the final act of nihilist irresponsibility by the party that bears 100% of the weight of responsibility for paving the way for this guy".

I don't agree that it is conservatives "alone" who are responsible for the rise of Trump and I resent being labeled with "morons, racists, and misogynists"; as a conservative, I don't fit in with that category.

Secondly, this is the same issue - more or less - that got me banned from Shea's blog to begin with. Shea has made it clear  that he will not vote for a candidate who asks him to support grave and intrinsic evil. I was banned from commenting for saying Shea only votes for perfect candidates.

It's clear that Shea will not vote for Trump. At the risk of being accused of putting words into his mouth, I'm pretty sure he won't cast a vote for Clinton either. So where does that leave Shea?

I can't support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson because of his pro choice stand on abortion. I don't know if that's a deal breaker for Shea as well, but I think it would be. So then, what other choices does one have? If you're voting your conscience and can't support the Democrat, Republican or Libertarian candidates, who is left to vote for?

American Independent Party candidate, Tom Hoefling might lose Shea's vote over his views on guns.

The American Freedom Party candidate, Robert Whitaker's racism would not be a good fit for Shea either.

The Georgia Right to Life PAC Endorses Darrell Castle of the Constituion Party of the U.S. for President, but is he on the ballot in Washington State where Shea lives, and where does Castle stand on other issues?

Going to, one is given a list of the countless number of  POTUSWANNABES......Right Wing, Left Wing and all points in between. Only two candidates on the list have a snowball's chance in Cebu of being elected.

Basically, your choices are Clinton, Trump, some unelectable candidate, or not voting. Considering our choices, I don't see how not voting can be the "final act of nihilist irresponsibility", as Shea puts it.

I haven't been keeping up with Shea's blog enough to know if he has publicly endorsed anyone. I guess I'll never know. I'd ask him, but I'm banned from leaving a comment on his blog.

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