Saturday, September 8, 2018

A Tale of Two Beetles

Coming out along the road coming from barangay Tubtubon onto the National Highway in Sibulan, I saw this olive-colored VW Beetle. I've gone through my photo collection, and I'm reasonably certain this is the same VW I as the one I spotted in front of Ms Ann's Foodtown on Rovira Drive back in July. I'm so sure, in fact that I've tag this one as "49maybe". Having said that, I must not be 100% certain, or I would have named it "49b".

The second VW in this post is currently being repaired at the place near the airport that I've named the VW Beetle graveyard. This particular Beetle looks a lot like the one I happened upon at the corner of Predices and Luke Wright Street, catty-corner from New Jupiter Enterprises.

There are a number of differences, and I may be completely wrong, but I've gone ahead and named these photos "51maybe1" and "51maybe2".

I could, next time I'm roaming through Dumaguete, walk back to the corner of Predices and Luke Wright Street to see if VW 51 is still there. Logically, if it's still there then "51maybe1" and "51maybe2" can be renamed 52a and 52b. If it isn't there, it won't prove that the one I spotted at the graveyard is the same one, but it puts the odds in favor of the two being the same car.

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