Wednesday, March 16, 2016

John Kasich Guarantees Trump's Nomination

This election so reminds me of 1968.

Riots in Chicago. A populist causing havoc with the party establishment. A Nixonian candidate poised to win her party's nomination - and possibly the election.

In 1968, the Democrats split over George Wallace, in 2016 the Republicans are split over Donald Trump.

If the strategy is to keep Trump from winning the Republican nomination, Ohio Governor, John Kasich is doing his best to guarantee that Trump becomes the nominee. Kasich is extremely popular in Ohio, and in any other election cycle he might make a viable candidate, but this year, he has no chance, mathematically of doing anything other than throwing a wrench into the Never Trump machinery.

The only Republican who has any chance of stopping Trump is Ted Cruz. He was not my first choice - that would have been Rubio. Cruz suffers from a likability prospective. He's the ideal political Conservative, but let's face it - he's not very likable.

With that said, I could support a Republican ticket with Cruz as the candidate, especially if he chooses either Carly Fiorina or Nikki Haley as his running mate. The Republicans need a woman VP candidate who can take the fight to Clinton's "war on women" rhetoric. This being the year of the political outsider, Fiorina might be the better option.

As I've said before, the U.S. deserves a better choice than a Clinton/Trump slugfest. Of course, there's still the possiblity that Hillary will face a Federal indictment before the election. Let's hope if that happens, the Republicans have a better candidate than Trump.

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