Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sanders wins Democrats Abroad Primary

On March 06, I learned, via Facebook, of the Democrats Abroad’s Global Presidential Primary . Rather than vote in the Primary, I left a comment on the Facebook page - "Vote Democrat?!?! You SOBs are why I left the country!!" - to which I received 6 likes.

Today I read on the Al Jazeera website, that Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the Democrats Abroad global primary contest - 69% versus 31% - giving Sanders 9 delegates. Clinton received 4.

According to results listed on the website, 139 Democrat ex-pats in Philippines voted in the primary, giving Sanders 79 votes to Clinton's 59. You can be certain of one thing......there are many, many more ex-pats in Philippines than the 139 who voted. I don't know the exact figure, but 139 is a drop in the bucket.

From my experience in the U.S., it appears to me that American men with Filipina wifes tend to be, more often than not, politically Conservative. Of course, that being said, the American/Filipina couples I know are living in the Southern United States which tends to vote Republican. That's anecdotal evidence, but I feel reasonably confident that the majority of American/Filipina couples in the remaining areas of the U.S. would yield similar results.

As an aside to a friend currently living in the United Arab Emirates, there appears to be more active Democrat voters in UAE compared to Philippines. The website shows 880 Democrat voters with 541 of those going to Bernie. I'll leave it to him to explain that.

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