Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Update on the Routine

I wrote in a post from yesterday that I'd be making changes in my workout routine this week, partly due to this week being Holy Week and the gym being closed on Good Friday.

My son is out of school for the remainder of the week so there was no reason for me to get out of bed as early as on a normal week day, but my circadian rhythm saw otherwise.

Upon waking, I had a cup of coffee while watching a few minutes of The Five on Fox News before beginning on my Sun Salutation sequence.

It's been quite a long time since I last did these asanas and wasn't able to do as many "sets" as I would have liked to have done. I'll work up to it, I'm sure.

A little after 6 AM, I headed out for a walk. For those familiar with the area, I walked from near the Ice Plant in Cangmating to the Petron Station by the entrance to the airport. That's a tiny bit longer than a five kilometer walk, there and back.

Tomorrow I'll repeat the routine.

I believe I've made the right decision. I have a little muscular pain; it won't hurt to take off from the gym for a few extra days.

The photo?

I took this photo a few months ago on one of my walks to the highway. I was noticing today that there's been a little work done on the building in the photo. I'll bring my camera along with me in the morning and we'll compare.

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