Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump Gives Sanders Supporters Major Butt-Bern.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm no fan of Donald Trump - I do not support his attempt to become POTUS, but when I see a foul ball, I have to call foul.

Moveon.Org is raising funds from Trump protests, and warns more disruptions to come. Certainly, just as Trump has the Right in the U.S. to speak his political views, the folks in Moveon.Org have the Right to protest his rallies. However, many on the Left and the Right want to blame Trump for inciting the violence. Bernie Sanders believes that Trump is provoking these violent protesters. He holds Trump responsible for his followers. Shouldn't then, Sanders be held responsible for the action of Bernie supporters?

With the continued disruption of Trump rallies by Leftists, it is simply a matter of time before some Trump supporters return tit for tat. How long before the violence spills over onto the Clinton and/or Sanders gatherings? I have no political crystal ball, but I think our witnessing such violence by the first political convention this summer is not an unreasonable prediction.

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