Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Next on the Reading List

After finishing The Master and Margarita, I had three choices regarding which book I'd read next;
1) Another book by Mikhail Bulgakov, The Heart of a Dog.
2) Nikolai Gogol's, Dead Souls
3) Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's, The Gulag Archipelago.

Solzhenitsyn won.

All three volumes of The Gulag Archipelago can be downloaded here.

The parts I've read so far seem very familiar to me. Perhaps I read a portion of the work several years ago. That's possible. I may have owned a paperback copy sometime in the past which most likely went mostly unread. It would have been ages ago - before I'd read Tolstoy or Dostoevsky.

The first volume is quite the page turner, but I'm wondering just how much I can actually get through. If it just continues to list different people who were arrested by Stalin, it will become old very quickly.

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