Friday, April 29, 2016

Squash and Okra Update.

It was April 11 when we transplanted our butternut squash plants to a section of our property in Magatas,Sibulan. As one can see from the photos, the plants seem to be doing ok, considering that we are still in a drought and the plants have to be watered by hand, so to speak.

The okra seeds are not doing well at all. As I've mentioned, I decided to try a few "tricks" for germinating okra seeds. That experiment was begun nine days ago, but none of the seeds have sprouted.

So far, I'm one for three......the butternut squash is coming along but the okra and tomatoes haven't done anything. Looks like I'll germinate a few more butternut squash seeds. We're making preparations for a piggery and butternut squash should be a good addition to the pigs' diet.

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