Friday, April 8, 2016

Bill Nye the (un)Enlightened Individual Guy

Living through a drought in Philippines, it's difficult to deny that the climate is undergoing a change. Some put the blame for the drought on El Niño -which is probably true to some extent- but many argue that the effects of El Niño have worsened due to the increase in overall global temperatures.

Of course, I have only anecdotal evidence, but there's no question that it's much drier here in Negros Oriental than when we arrived two years ago.

Does climate change pose an even greater than ISIS and global terrorism?

Are we, as Obama has stated,the last generation that can stop climate change?

I'm skeptical......not of climate change being brought about by human activity; no, I'm skeptical that we can unite as a planet to halt whatever climate change is happening.

Earlier this morning, I caught portions of Bill Nye the so-called Science Guy on the National Geographic Channel "grappling with his own feelings about climate change". Nye is a "climate activist" and is doing his utmost to change folks minds and hearts in order to combat climate change. I have no doubt that his intentions are good.


In the above mentioned National Geographic program, Nye is seen flying over "environmentally dangerous" areas in a helicopter. He travels from point A to point B in automobiles and airplanes. In his program attacking the fossil fuel industry, he ironically shows us how even Bill Nye the Enlightened Individual Guy can't get by without the use of horrible, evil and globally destructive fossil fuels.

I know quite a few Left leaning folks who agree with the POTUS that climate change is more of a threat than ISIS, but continue to commute from city to city in order to earn a paycheck. Everybody else needs to adapt. Everyone else needs to cut back on fossil fuel, while these guys continue to drive wherever and whenever they want. They'll work in air-conditioned buildings in the summer and in buildings warmed to a toasty temperature in the winter months.

Like their hero, Mr. Nye, many climate activists aren't nearly as green as they'd have us believe.
I say, if you're not willing to walk the walk regarding your own lifestyle habits, don't preach to me about mine.

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