Thursday, April 7, 2016

Seedlings Update.

These photos of my butternut squash plants were taken this morning. As one can see, the plants are nearly ready to be transplanted into the ground. We'll be going to our property today or tomorrow to clean out a place. One can compare these photos to photos taken 2 weeks ago.

I've given up on the tomato seeds. I started the tomatoes about 10 days before the butternut squash with nary a sprout. Just a few minutes ago, I put okra seeds into the containers that contained the tomato seeds. I'm hoping to have better luck with the okra.

That's too bad. I like okra ......I'm a typical Southerner, but, I prefer tomatoes. It's a shame that I've been unable to get any of those seeds to sprouts. I do have other tomato seed varieties; I'll try those after the squash is in the ground.

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